Tropico for iPad

Tropico is a city builder that allows you to assume the role of El Presidente; the ruler of a caribbean island during the Cold War. The game sets itself apart for giving the player a lot of “moral freedom”, dark humor and gleeful latin ambientation.

I was the lead artist in charge of creating the marketing art as well as the UI assets for the iPad version. The game was released on the App Store in December 2018 and selected as Game of the Day by Apple.

App Icon Design

These are some app icon mockups I put together using artwork from previous games in the franchise. At the end we decided to create brand new art and give El Presidente a more mischievous look.

Alternative Logos

I also experimented making variations of the logo which had element’s of the game’s personality.

Marketing Imagery

The main island artwork attempted to capture the feel of a congested caribbean city and show the versatility and variety of buildings available in the game. It was composed as a collage of several in-game screenshots.

These assets were used for App Store and Social Media banners, as well as the 3 trailers I created for the marketing beats:

Other Work