User Interface Art

As the Lead UI Artist for Total War: Rome Remastered I was responsible for designing a visual style that retained the essence of the original but felt fresh and legible for new players, while also being possible to implement in the old (though heavily modified) 2004 TW Engine 2.

Faction Icons & Main Menu

The original faction icons were reworked and given a bit more detail and texture. We replaced the original full-screen menu workflow with an expandable sidebar with sub-screens.

Battle HUD and Unit Icons

Thanks to the increased resolution, we were able to display more information on the battle cards at a glance, whereas the original game had to rely on tooltips and periodic indicators. We also designed new icons for units that were previously merged into a single category, and thus harder to tell apart.

Campaign HUD & Building Browser

The sequence below shows the Building Browser in the original game and the remastered version expanded, collapsed, and scaled for high resolutions screens.

Campaign Map Overlays

We expanded the Campaign Overlays with new settlement, army and agent icons, multiple view filters and alliance colour coding.

Other Work