The UI of GRID Autosport

Menu Icons

I created over 100 new icons as part of the UI redesign. It was decided that for the mobile version we would replace the text based menus for a carousel of icons for the player to flick through. This meant that an icon needed to be created for every option and configuration setting in the game.

A lot of complex options needed to be represented graphically, from customizable car parts to handling difficulty options. One of the most interesting challenges were the driver age options. I wanted to do something more personal than mere age numbers, so I chose to represent the iconic helmets of drivers from different eras: Michael Schumacher for the 2000s, Ayrton Senna for the 90s, Elio de Angelis for the 80s, James Hunt for the 70s and Bruce McLaren for the 60s.


Speaking of GRID, here are some of the trailers that I made for the iOS and Nintendo Switch ports of this game.

Nintendo Switch

iPhone & iPad

Other Work