Game Trailers

GRID Autosport

Nintendo Switch

These were a bit of a challenge to make, particularly because every shot needed to be approved by the corresponding automobile manufacturer. These companies don’t really like to show their cars being damaged or driven in an unsafe way, which is understandable, but safe driving isn’t the most exciting thing to watch. The most flexible ones turned out to be the formula racing companies… those guys are cool with risk 😎

iPhone & iPad



Tropico offers awesome ambientation and beautiful landscapes, but the gameplay itself tends to look quite static. To compensate for this and keep the viewer’s attention, I tried combine interesting game events with dynamic camera movement and that iconic salsa rhythm.

Alien: Isolation

Nintendo Switch

Alien: Isolation was coming to Nintendo Switch and we needed a teaser trailer to announce it on the E3 2019 showroom floor and on Nintendo’s Treehouse Live. The problem was that the game was not quite ready for faithful footage capturing yet, so I was required to produce a teaser trailer using game cutscenes exclusively.

I proposed a few alternatives, and after some conversations between Feral InteractiveCreative Assembly, 20th Century Fox and Nintendo we ended up going with this version:


Rome: Total War


No other mobile game allowed you to experience massive dynamic battles like Rome: Total War. That is what I wanted to capture with this cinematic approach to the trailers, which differs a lot from regular App Previews.

Other Work